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Hidden WhatsApp, how to hide your Android and iOS chats

Hidden WhatsApp, how to hide your Android and iOS chats

The WhatsApp application is a messaging tool that is currently one of the most popular in Mexico, and among its many functions, it values ​​the privacy of its users, such is the case of activating ghost mode, deactivating blue popcorn, among others.

If you have ever found yourself in the situation of not wanting to see the chats without having to delete them, either to hide the family or work groups without deleting it or, on the contrary, to see your notifications at all times. Here we show you how if your operating system is Android or iOS.

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Archive individual or group chats on Android

With this function it will not be deleted, nor will a backup copy be saved, for this you must follow the following steps:

If for some reason you want to archive all conversations, just go to Chats, then more options and settings.

You click Chats, history, and then Archive all chats.

If you want to unarchive them, you just have to enter the “Archived” tab, and select the one you want to unarchive, hold down the conversation and click unarchive.

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Archive in the iOS operating system

It works the same way as with Android, only the archived tab or section is at the bottom of the conversations, there you can search for them after archiving.

You can also unarchive a conversation manually, by searching for the person’s contact name, long pressing on the conversation and you will get the option to unarchive.

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