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Here are the new Chromecast: Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio

Here are the new Chromecast: Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio

Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio were presented yesterday at the inaugural ceremony in San Francisco dedicated to the new products of Mountain View. Google has made the public participate in interesting news and confirmed some rumors circulating on the net in recent days, especially with regard to smartphones Nexus 5X And Nexus 6P.

Chromecast: All other music

Confirmations about some new products have been revealed while other important innovations, unknown to the public until their announcement, have been made known. We are talking in particular of two new interesting products forhome-entertainment: Chromecast 2 and ChromeCast Audio. We find a trace of the first in our previous article while as regards Chromecast Audio nothing had been leaked so far.

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Chromecast 2, in the wake of the success of the first model of the Google dongle which had registered over 20 million purchases, gets a makeover by becoming more and more compact and more and more SMART. Dedicated to home entertainment and the sharing of multimedia contents, it changes shape taking on the circular appearance (a bit like the Nexus Player) and abandoning the classic “pen” shape we were used to. In terms of performance, the WiFI connections for pairing the device that has reached the standard significantly improve Wireless AC to which are added the native support for 4K streams and Stereoscopic 3D as well as direct support for Spotify.

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Chromecast Audio instead it represents a real gem for music lovers and an absolute novelty of made in products Google. Specifically designed for local and network streaming of audio content, it allows direct connection to any audio source through a 3.5mm jack without suffering drops due to bluetooth streaming as normally happens in these cases. Compatibility ensured with RCA and Toslink / Cox optical connections.

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Availability and price

The new ones Chromecast will initially be available only through in-app purchase from the platform Google Store in 17 countries, Italy included, at the price of € 39 including shipping. Happy streaming to you all !!