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Having an outdated Android can be very dangerous!

Having an outdated Android can be very dangerous!

We have been saying it for a long time, Android, being the most used mobile operating system in the world, is also the one that receives the most attacks! It is not for nothing that there are so many types of malware that, above all, take advantage of the vulnerabilities of previous versions that live in terminals, either due to lack of capacity or due to “incompatibilities” in the approval process. , it cannot be updated, exposing the information of the final consumer.

Although including bloatware and other practices that lead the consumer to have to change the terminal by force are undoubtedly questionable, it is not the central theme of this article, but rather one of the reasons why manufacturers are “handcuffed” to be able to launch updates only in certain markets. . All this is like a snowball that, in the end, for many ends up affecting the security and integrity of the user’s data in a terminal with an outdated version of Android.

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These smartphones with old versions of Android are usually easy prey for all kinds of #Malware that, according to their “Modus Operandi” and the risks associated with it, are classified in different ways:

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But given the complexity of the topic related to Malware, we decided to talk with the experts from Eset Latin America about the different forms or types of Malware, its manifestations or symptoms and even about what can be done to avoid being an easy prey for it. code type. malicious.

Now, given that users of Android 9 or earlier versions with smartphones from more than 4 years ago are the main victims of the scourge of Apps with hidden malicious codes that are like a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” (they appear to be something when they are actually something else), it is worth trying to update the terminal, and if it is not possible, proceed to change it, after all, not only photos, personal and banking information are usually stored on the smartphone, but many times Corporate information.

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What can be done with so much Malware out there

Beyond drawing your own conclusions, you must take the necessary precautions at the level of:

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