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Google trips up Android call recording apps again

Google trips up Android call recording apps again

Little by little, Google remains unstoppable in its efforts to further restrict and control its Android operating system. From boasting about the freedom it offered users, it has moved on to a much more controlled model, alleging security reasons in many cases.

The last function that users of this operating system will lose is being able to use call recording apps from the Play Store.

incomprehensibly, Google has been trying to restrict call recording for a while to its users, with Android 9.0 they eliminated the possibility, then they opened their hand a little to finally limit it again. Developers looked for new ways to access calls so they could record them, but now Google wants to strike one last blow and will not allow the publishing of apps that use the Android Accessibility API for call recording (the method currently used to perform this service).

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Pre-installed applications from manufacturers that allow call recording will still be able to do so. The same for the Google phone app for its Pixels, so it seems that this movement is only focused on eliminating any type of competition from other developers.

This measure will begin to apply from May 11, at which time these call recording apps on Android will not comply with the terms of use of Google Play and may be removed. However, this could leave open a security problem, since, at least for now, applications that use this API can continue to be installed from other unofficial places.