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Google Lens is coming to Google Chrome for desktop

Google Lens is coming to Google Chrome for desktop

As we can read on Twitter, it seems that Google has decided to bring its Lens feature to the desktop version of Google Chrome., so that we can use all its benefits without having to point our compatible smartphone at the computer screen. However, this will not be immediate. since the company itself has announced that this will be something that will arrive in the coming months.

They have done this not only for desktop, but it could also be iOS users on iPhone – and presumably on iPad and iMac—those who will be able to make use of the great power of Google Lens to find products in an image. For those who do not know this tool, allows us to recognize products and people from an image, so it will be much easier to find what we are looking for.

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When you activate Google Lens, we will be provided with an interface very similar to the Windows snipping tool that will allow us to select something that we see on the screen and search for it directly in Google, returning the corresponding results. These can be images, purchase links or biographies, depending on what we have searched for.

Without a doubt, this is a highly desired feature by users, especially those who often find themselves pointing his smartphone at his computer screen to perform a search which might otherwise be more complicated.