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Ginger: the root rich in properties and health benefits

Ginger: the root rich in properties and health benefits

Ginger has recently become a food of great interest when it comes to health benefits. Many scientists and nutritionists have proven hers numerous properties. Used a lot in cooking, this root is a food anti-inflammatory and acts as an antioxidant, but not only.

The protagonist of many researches

A study, published in the journal Pain Medicine in 2015, it proved that consuming ginger powder in the first few days of a menstrual cycle can help relieve pain. While research, published in The Journal of Pain in 2010, found that consuming a piece of raw or reheated ginger is associated with a pain reduction after exercise.

Kelly LeVequea nutritionist based in Los Angeleshe has declared: “It is most commonly known to help calm the symptoms of an upset stomach, including nausea and vomiting, and also play a role in relieving pain. ” Doctor Eddie Fatakhov, a physician and nutritionist at the Alpharetta Medical Center, Georgia, added, “I think ginger is fascinating. It helps soothe the throat, it can help reduce nausea ”. Fatakhov further stated that ginger is a appetite suppressant and could therefore help in weight management.

Nutritionists have confirmed that ginger retains its properties only if it comes eaten fresh. Fatakhov he has declared: “The fresh ginger compound is called gingerol, it is the main ingredient that causes all these powerful anti-inflammatory propertiesAnd”. When cooked, the gingerol turns into zingeronewhich does not maintain the characteristics and is no longer as powerful.

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