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Eye, they denounce 4 Android apps that empty bank accounts

Eye, they denounce 4 Android apps that empty bank accounts

If you are one of the people who love Android cell phones for their operating system, be careful, because they have just warned about four applications that are attacking their users to empty their bank accounts without them noticing.

According to the firm specialized in Pradeo systems, these four applications would have been designed with the purpose of hacking the accounts of the people who subscribe to their modality. Premium.

Likewise, it was pointed out that at the moment the four apps have malware on the Android operating system in which they already have a cumulative 100,000 downloads.

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What are the four applications that affect Android

According to the aforementioned firm, so far a total of four applications have been identified that are responsible for affecting people with the withdrawal of their bank accounts once they enter their data in the Premium mode.

These applications are:

Smart SMS messages
blood pressure monitor
voice language translator
quick text sms

Despite this, it was reported that although these apps are not available on the Google Play Store, they can be downloaded on other devices that feature the effects.

And it is that these applications act as a camouflage of useful “tools” in order to infect mobile devices to steal data and money.

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Likewise, it should be noted that the Smart SMS Messages application was the one that had the most circulation among the different Android users thanks to the fact that it managed to have more than 50 thousand downloads.

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