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Disco Elysium The Final Cut review: a masterpiece also on Xbox Series X / S

Disco Elysium The Final Cut review: a masterpiece also on Xbox Series X / S

Disco Elysium The Final Cut is an incredible RPG, developed and published by ZA / UM, originally launched in 2019 for PC only, now also available on XboxPlayStation and Nintendo Switch (in addition to Google Stadia), in an improved version, thanks to the addition of new sections, characters, scenes and extra details.


The plot of the title is discovered slowly, as a basic construct is almost completely absent, it is up to the user to discover day by day all the past of the protagonist, and the important events. It all starts with a traumatic awakening in a room of hostelthe character is a detective went to the area to solve a murder (a man was hanged from a tree), with the habit of alcohol. The last three days of staying in the hostel created a complete vacuum of memory, this gives the player the ability to shape as best the personality of the same believes.

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The city in which it is set is however Revachol, one of the most powerful companies in the world, a nerve center for both industry, tourism and commerce, but with very serious problems. People are not happy, for this reason there has been a real one Revolution, but without being able to improve the situation. In moving within the spaces we notice the decay of a city at the end of its strength, and in which it is difficult to survive, with workers always on a war footing (as well as on strike), young left to fend for themselves (many use drugs), e racism or chauvinism to no end.

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A setting extremein which the character will have to know how to move, finding always different personalities, fighting even with the voice in his head, but the course that the story will take will depend on the user’s choices.


Graphically the Disco Elysium The Final Cut it has a personality absolutely well defined and unique in its genre, a distinctive feature that allows it to stand out from any game on the market. The details on Xbox Series X / S they are very precise, the watercolor tint is beautiful to look at, it offers a much appreciated “cartoon” feeling. Character models manage to be all different between them, providing a very good one variety and non-redundancy; the idea of ​​allowing the change of clothes or dressing the subject is also beautiful, always with a view to personalizing the experience.

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Running on Xbox of the new generation did not register frame rate drops, nor particular shots; HDR playback brings more brightness and detail to all scenes. There soundtrack it fits the construct and the narrative in general.

The dubbing in Italian, not even in the subtitles, one huge rock for those who do not master the language very well English (he is non-scholastic English, quite advanced). Developers were perfect in emphasizing the personalities of the various characters with accents and different voices, also including the various ethnic groups or thoughts, another advantage of a real masterpiece.

Style of play

Disco Elysium The Final Cut is defined by ZA / UM as a classic RPG, but it has very little classic, starting from the style of play. For example, the component of the combatthe whole adventure is articulated on the interaction of the character with objects or inhabitants of the area, as well as many (many) dialogues and a profound internal reflection.

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The mastery of the developers lies not so much in the hypothetical puzzles, in the interaction with objects or in solving the murder for which the character went to the city, as well as in the ability to offer a very rich experience in terms of writing quality. The themes that will intersect in the many dialogues are the most disparate: politics, racism, idealism and comedy, just to name a few, all wisely collected in a series of choices to be taken, through which the game itself will be “built”, while maintaining a common thread. Also appreciated the contrast internal character, which will partly follow the personality choice at the beginning of the adventure.

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There are various more or less marked “skills”, depending precisely on the choice made, which they can to influence the behavior of the same in certain situations, such as an interrogation, intimidation towards thugs or the like. When, on the other hand, one will be needed direct choicethen the chance of success (influenced by personality), if the die roll goes well you will receive other information, otherwise it will be necessary to further investigate.

One of the greatest advantages of Disco Elysium The Final Cut it is precisely the very wide freedom placed in the hands of the player, in addition to dialogues with a thousand souls (and written to perfection), the possibility of directing the experience according to one’s preferences is something truly unique.

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Gameplay and power-ups

The slide of the day then assumes a fundamental role in the experience, in some areas it can only be accessed at a certain time (such as the opening of the kitchen or a door), remembering however that at the end of the day it will be necessary to have the necessary money to pay for a place to sleep, or just eat. The ultimate goal from Disco Elysium The Final Cut is clearly to solve thehomocidelongevity is approx 40 hoursbut no one prevents the user from living the experience as he wishes, wandering freely in the city without progressing in the investigation.

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Excellent progression of the character with the various skills which will develop in relation to the dialogues, and the results obtained, and a simple summary in the appropriate menu. The items that you collect can be used for secondary objectives or for specific actions, although we have noticed a few small difficulty in the gameplay. The transposition from PC a console prompted developers to do not introduce the pointer itself it is not too much intuitive to move between objects, or people, to interact with. The only negative that could definitely be improved.

Disco Elysium The Final Cut: conclusions

In conclusion Disco Elysium The Final Cut has once again confirmed the good things seen in 2019 on PC, it is a game of immense quality that allows you to live an experience practically never seen before. There writingthe many souls of the character, i dubbingand above all the possibility of building the personality and in part of the overall plot as you wish, are the merits bigger than a real masterpiece.

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On the other side of the coin we find very small defects, theabsence ofItalian it is an important watershed, only buy it if you chew English very well, as it is a very distant jargon from what is taught in schools. Secondly, the control system in interacting with objects could have been improved, it’s not intuitive and it is difficult (or too mechanical) to move from one to the other.

Disco Elysium The Final Cut




10.0 / 10


8.5 / 10


8.5 / 10


9.5 / 10


9.0 / 10


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