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Cyberpunk 2077 will have an age rating +18

Cyberpunk 2077 will have an age rating +18

Maybe we already expected it, but finally Cyberpunk 2077 It will not be exactly a game for all audiences, with an age classification that is stipulated as not recommended for children under 18 years due to a fairly extensive list, which the developers themselves see as an achievement in relation to their intentions with the game.

As we can see in the tweet below these lines, a total of 31 factors with an additional aggravating factor have served Cyberpunk 2077 to become one of the games with the most factors to be unsuitable for children under 18 years, and as we can see, Pawel Sasko, Cyberpunk 2077 lead designer, he is quite happy with the result, indicating that they are not fooling around.

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Undoubtedly, looking at the descriptions, the appearance of stories of prostitution, sexual exploitation, drugs, murder and suicidal behavior make this game an especially intense one that we definitely would not recommend for children under 18 years of age, so the intention of the study when launching this video game is clear.

Regarding the ESRB, it is not yet known what level he will receive, although it is expected that he will receive the M level, since although the AO (Adult Only) level exists, this level would prevent the game from launching on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam, the three largest game distribution platforms.