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Chrome Browser, All Devices are at Risk !!

Chrome Browser, All Devices are at Risk !!

Chrome Browser for Android seriously jeopardizes all devices due to a very dangerous security bug. Read now.

Incredible the number of attacks and bugs recorded in the last month alone. In an ever-increasing number of attacks that take place on all platforms, from Android ai mobile operators to then move on to more unusual methodsthere is no peace in the “digital bacteriological war” …

Chrome Bug, all at security risk

Google Chrome Android is the victim of a security flaw that seriously compromises the functionality of the devices on which the latest version of the web browser operates. A young researcher took it upon himself to divulge the bitter news that in the latest release of the browser there is a component that undermines user safety.

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Guang Gong, this is the name of the researcher, highlighted the vulnerability of the management system Javascript 8 on the Chrome browser which causes malicious installations that are transparent to the user by exploiting a vulnerability in the programming code.

Through a simple web page, access to a Nexus 6 through malware-script of a test app installed on the aforementioned device. The simplicity with which the demonstration of the attack was put in place leaves dismay and puts the security of the well-known web browser in the spotlight.

A further counter-check was carried out by a German team of device developers Samsung. Well the test result showed that not only the devices are affected by the attack Nexus but also, potentially, all those devices running the latest updated version of the Chrome browser.

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Googlefor its part, it has already taken action against a patch release that aims to correct the parameters that allow the execution of the web-script and that in all probability will be released on the PlayStore over the next few days. We hope that the danger will be averted quickly given the simplicity of interference recorded.

Source: StackOverflow