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Chrome 64 shortens and converts links when sharing URLs

Chrome 64 shortens and converts links when sharing URLs

The latest version of the browser Of GoogleChrome 64 – has just started to “clean up” i link excessively long and “messy” referrals. Now when you go to share an item, you will no longer see a long tracking string after a linkbut only the link primary himself, as identified by the editorial staff Android Police (photo featured in the article).

This function now takes place automatically when sharing i link in Chrome 64, through the “Share” menu or with a simple “Copy” and “Paste” of the URL. Even if it cuts the extra bit of the URL, it doesn’t affect the referral information. In practice, the new feature works with the “Copy to clipboard” option and with any other third-party application. Meanwhile, manually copying the header URL to Omnibar if needed the link it will come provided in its entirety.

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As he points out Android Police, while this is a useful feature, does have downsides, albeit few. For example, such a conversion delete anchor tags which will take a user to a specific part within a longer article, thus visiting a link shared in Chrome you get to the top of the page. This function is also active on link coming from Amazon, Google AMP, and even mobile versions of sites (like Wikipedia and Yelp). In the latter scenario, users will see the full desktop URL address when sharing.

This is just one of the many updates that come with version 64 of the Chrome. Recently, the Mountain View giant also introduced the automatic blocking for advertisements pushy or unwanted that violate standards Better Adsthe possibility of mute entire sites that contain autoplay videos and the HDR support for Windows users.