CES 2013. Steelseries Apex and Apex RAW

Both models share distribution and shape but the RAW model, with a more adjusted cost, is limited to white backlighting as the only color with eight intensity levels. The normal model will allow you to configure the color by zones with a palette of millions of colors. Both models have the ability to be programmed in each and every one of their keys, although the Apex model had more programmable keys on the side.

The layout and shape has also been worked on to make it more intuitive to access the function keys and the W key has also been worked on to make it easier to return to the WASD position. Of course, it has an Anti-Ghost system with 20 simultaneous keys, two configurable feet to arrange the keyboard to suit the player and hardware keys to deactivate the Windows key or adjust the intensity of the backlight brightness.

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The cost of these new keyboards is around 99 Euros for the Apex model and 69 Euros for the Apex RAW model. They will be available in a few weeks.