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Baba Vanga: the five terrible prophecies for 2022

Baba Vanga: the five terrible prophecies for 2022

Also for this year the followers of Baba Vanga they unveiled the prophecies that the Bulgarian visionary, who died in 1996, did for 2022. And as always, nothing good awaits us, even if given the first months of this new year, perhaps we expected it a little.

But before revealing what his words were about this 2022, let’s go back a bit in time and tell the story of this very particular and suggestive character. Baba Vanga, that is Vangelija Pandeva Dimitrovawas born on January 31, 1911 in Strumica, which was then part of the Ottoman Empire, and which today is located in North Macedonia.

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Vangelija and his troubled life

From his birth his life was eventful. In fact, she was born premature and several medical complications presented themselves soon after her birth. She stayed orphan of mother at an early age and the father was drafted in the Bulgarian army during the First World War, leaving her with some friends of family and neighbors.

It seems that Baba Vanga has always been attracted to the paranormal, from a young age, but the real turning point was the strange events that led to blindness. One day the young Vangelija did not return home and after a long search she was found in a field, terrified and with her eyes covered with sand and dust, unable to open them because of the pain. As some witnesses claimed.

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The young woman said she was hit by a tornado that had thrown her into the field where she was found, although in the meteorological records or other sources of the time, there is no evidence of a tornado in those areas. The consequence of her misfortune was however a gradual loss of visionsince the money available to the family allowed only partial eye operations.

In 1925, it was brought to a school for the visually impaired, where he learned to read Braille, play the piano and do small housework. After her stepmother died, she was forced to drop out of school and return home to care for her younger siblings.

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From Vangelija to Baba Vanga, the seer of the Second World War

It was then that the Baba Vanga myth began. In fact, many were convinced that the woman had paranormal abilities and large numbers of people became interested in her prophecies or turned to her for healing.

During the Second World War, the number of her followers grew further and many people turned to her for know the fate of their loved ones gone to war or, in the most unfortunate cases, where their bodies might be.

It is said that in April 1942, precisely on the 8th of that month, also the Bulgarian Tsar Boris III went to consult her. Even during the communist era, members of the ruling elite turned to the seer for advice. It seems that even Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev has consulted it at least once.

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In August 1996, Bulgarian seer, curator and herbalist Baba Vanga died of breast cancer. But her followers reveal that the woman he left prophecies until 5079, the year she thinks the world will end. So every year her followers reveal her prophecies to us.

And so here are the prophecies of Baba Vanga for this 2022

According to the woman we will be affected by a lethal virusuntil now remained trapped in the Siberian ice and freed from the melting of the ice and “human beings will have to deal with a new disease”, as stated by the seer.

A terrible famine it will strike the east when the plantations of India are devastated by locusts. Asian countries and Australia on the other hand will be affected by heavy floods and the economy of these countries will be severely damaged.

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Contaminated rivers and a lack of clean water will lead large cities to live long periods of drought and technology will negatively impact our lives, rendering us unable to distinguish the real from the virtual.

Is this really what awaits us this year? Can we really trust the seer and her followers? The condition of illiteracy in which Baba Vanga found himself casts a shadow of doubt on the prophecies and on the accuracy of what is written. Many believe that his words may have been manipulated by his followers to make them adhere to reality after the fact. Certainly 2022 has not started in the best way and Baba Vanga’s words could be the sad ending of the way we treat our Planet.

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Drought, floods and famines could be the consequences of climate change which scientists have been warning us about for years but which governments ignore or pretend not to hear. And man’s response to the need to create a more liveable world for our children, in this early 2022, was war.

We may or may not believe Baba Vanga’s words, but certainly if we don’t want them to come true we should really put in much, much more effort.

Ph. Credit: cover image Wikimedia User: Пакко