ASUS and Noctua join forces to launch an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

It seems that ASUS and Noctua have finally joined forces to make what would be every Gamer’s wet dream, and it is known by all that Noctua fans They are among the best money can buy when it comes to air cooling.

That is why the simple idea of ​​a graphics card with Noctua fans is something that attracts users, and the fact that it comes like this from the factory, without having to make strange adaptations or lose the guarantee of the card itself to get an improvement in the cooling capacity of the card.

Usually no details of what the card will look like are known, it is only known that it will be based on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU and that Noctua will have something to do with the cooling system of the card, although it is not known if only with the fans or with the entire system.

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In any case, the fact that ASUS has registered a card with the Noctua brand makes it clear that both companies have something on their hands and it will be very interesting to see what such collaboration leads to, and if the resulting card will have the classic Noctua brown color.