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Apple: iOS 14 will improve the camera of older iPhones

Apple: iOS 14 will improve the camera of older iPhones

The bitten apple company Apple has finally unveiled the long-awaited iOS 14. From a careful analysis of the new software, it emerged that this will significantly improve the cameras of older iPhones. In this article we are going to find out all the details about it.

iOS 14 turns out to be, without a doubt, one of the best updates ever presented by the house of the bitten apple. Not only does this introduce a myriad of new exclusive features but it also improves many that already exist. In particular, those related to the camera app will make a quantum leap. Here’s what will change.

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Apple: iOS 14 makes the cameras of the “old” iPhones faster

The Cupertino giant always tries to satisfy its users as much as possible. In addition to focusing on new features, with iOS 14, this also wanted to reward the most loyal users. All older iPhones will receive substantial camera improvements after the iOS 14 update. In particular, the photos can be taken on 90% faster, portrait mode shots, on the other hand, will be faster than the 15%. But that’s not all, substantial improvements will also come for the iPhone 11’s night mode.

We remind you that iOS 14 will bring several interesting features to the camera app: you can lock the compensation value for photos and videos for an entire session, you can lock the focus and exposure for a specific shot and more. All features will be available to all users as soon as Apple releases the update (in autumn). Look forward to any updates in this regard.