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Apple: here’s what led to the delay in launching the AR / VR headset

Apple: here’s what led to the delay in launching the AR / VR headset

We have been talking about it for several years now, the Apple’s AR / VR headset is about to become reality. The Cupertino giant began to develop it back in 2015. If a series of problems had not arisen, this would probably have already arrived on the market. What happened that made the project slow down? Let’s find out together.

In recent days, the The Information has published a report that collects the testimonies of 10 people who over the years have been close to the Apple AR / VR viewer project. These explained that the development of the product was not at all simple. Here’s what happened.

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Apple: what slowed down the development of the AR / VR headset

From the early stages of design, the development team encountered a number of major obstacles. In 2016, the first prototypes of the device were presented. The team’s aim was to gain consensus and support from the other divisions of the company. However, these did not have the desired success. The products were interesting, but not enough to convince. Over the years, therefore, the idea of ​​the viewer has undergone substantial changes several times up to the conception of AR / VR viewer. These changes of mind were undoubtedly one of the main reasons why the product has not yet arrived on the market. Finally, the coup de grace was given by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. Despite his enormous interest in AR / VR technologies, it seems that he has never been interested in the project that much. According to what has been declared, in all these years, the man would have visited the design offices only a couple of times.

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Fortunately, despite the series of obstacles that have arisen over the years, the AR / VR headset design team managed to move forward. According to the latest rumors, even if late, the product would be almost ready for the market. Speaking of timing, Apple is expected to make an official announcement by the end of this year, with an official market launch later in the year. 2023. Look forward to all updates on this.

Ph. Credit: yankodesign.com