Apple bans COVID-19 related games on the App Store

Apple today declared that it has banned any game or app that is not suitable for the coronavirus COVID-19.

The new Cupertino guide, released to developers late last week, said “Communities around the world depend on apps to become credible sources of information – helping users understand the latest health innovations, find out where they can get assistance if needed or provide assistance to neighbors ”.

To meet these expectations, we are critically evaluating the apps to ensure that the sources are trustworthy and that the developers presenting these apps come from recognized entities such as government organizations, health-focused NGOs, accredited health and medical companies or educational institutions “.

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There is no joking about the coronavirus

In short, all the apps related to the pandemic will now be strictly controlled and can only come from authoritative sources to disseminate information. Because of this Apple will not allow the publication of themed games in theApp Store: the new rules state that “Entertainment or gaming apps with COVID-19 will not be allowed”.

The COVID-19 is hitting the world these days and Apple is trying to keep some order in its digital world as many people rely on apps every day.

In another news, however, we reported that even players can have their say about the virus thanks to the computing power of their own PC.

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