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Android: These harmless looking apps steal Facebook passwords

Android: These harmless looking apps steal Facebook passwords

According to a security report from antivirus manufacturer Dr.Web, Google has blocked nine Android applications and removed them from the Google Play Store. The apps, downloaded 5.8 million times in total, induced a false sense of security in users performing seemingly useful tasks such as removing some files, editing photos or otherwise harmless such as consulting horoscopes. However, despite these applications being fully functional, they required users to log into their Facebook accounts. And that’s how the trojan malware inside these applications would steal Facebook passwords from victims.

So the bad guys can use Facebook passwords to do damage

Having programmed the malware to steal Facebook passwords, the hackers could have easily, according to the report change the trojan settings in order to load the web page of another regular service, even going so far as to be able to use a completely fake login form located on a phishing site. In this way, Trojans could have been used to steal logins and passwords from any service. The nine apps may have been removed from the Google Play Store, but if they are still present on the device they continue to pose a threat; therefore, the advice is to uninstall them immediately.

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Dr. Web suggests installing only applications from well-known and trusted developers and to pay attention to the reviews of other users. Reviews can’t provide an absolute guarantee that apps are harmless, but they can still alert you to potential threats; Also, pay attention to when and which apps ask for access to accounts. Finally, the software house invites caution: if you are not sure that the app you are about to install is safe, it would be better not to proceed further and uninstall the suspicious program in order to avoid any problems.