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Android 13: all the big improvements of the developer version (for now!)

Android 13: all the big improvements of the developer version (for now!)

Once again the Google operating system continues to evolve. The company has released a “developer-only preview of Android 13“. This means that this new version is aimed at developers and not for everyday use. None of this sounds bad, but what brings us new Android 13?

Android 13 will offer themed app icons

One of the most extraordinary things about this new operating system it is especially aimed at people who like to play with pictures on their phone. And we say this because in Android 13 there will be themed app icons. Do you remember that previously only Google applications could change color or shape based on the theme / background you were using? Well, with Android 13 all that – that is, this limitation – will end, because that function will be extended to all icons on your mobile.

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Obviously, for this to be possible, developers will need to tweak their icons a bit. So, don’t hope all icons are themed from the start. Google has commented that this feature will arrive on the Pixel first and then be rolled out to devices from other manufacturers.

An API to set different languages ​​in each application

Another of the most important and useful functions is the following: a new API that will allow developers to establish different languages ​​in each application. Therefore, if you are multilingual, you can set a primary language for Android and then specify a different one in each application. Not bad, right?

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New photo collection system

This new feature is related to the privacy, as it is a new photo selection system that allows for more granular privacy controls. In fact, it will be similar to the photo picker that allows you to share them with someone else. Thus, you will be able to select photos and videos on your phone, which will allow an application to access only those photos and videos.

What Google hopes to achieve with Android 13

Google it expects to achieve complete stability on its platform with Android 13 by June 2022. Time that should give developers several weeks to test before the final version is released.

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When will Android 13 be available? We know the new improvements look exciting, but the final version is unlikely to be available before the end of summer / fall 2022 for all Android 13. What consumers will be able to experience sooner than expected is the beta version of Android 13, which may be available in late March or early April.