Android 12 themes will reach more manufacturers after the changes that Google has made

Android has evolved a lot in the more than 10 years that it has been with us. It is true that not all versions have changed the aesthetics in the same way, but it must be recognized that Android 12 has been one of the ones that has done the most to improve customization thanks to Material You, the design language heir to Material Design.

However, we have seen that not all brands have chosen to implement this amazing ability to change system colors simply by using a wallpaper.

Although OPPO and Samsung, for example, have chosen to provide users with this versatility, in addition to brands that use almost pure Android, other firms such as Vivo or Xiaomi have not fully implemented this function.

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Google changes Material You requirements

Material You on Android 13

Part of the blame lies with Google, which set very specific requirements for manufacturers to use Material You, as well as forcing brands to use it if they wanted to access MSG (Google apps and services).

On the one hand, manufacturers had to implement; on the other, Google had to ensure that each model was certified to verify that the design did not cause accessibility problems due to colors.

All this will change with Android 13, which will keep Material You, but will keep Material You but will be much less demanding on manufacturers so that they can implement it. In fact, it has already changed in Android 12L, but not many brands have used this version, at least not yet.

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Also, Google will allow manufacturers to implement the color change engine in current phones with Androdi 12, although it will depend on the manufacturers to release that update or not.

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