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A (another) scientist reveals that the first aliens are already among us

A (another) scientist reveals that the first aliens are already among us

Avi Loeb he has published more than 700 theoretical works on astrophysical phenomena and, until now, had been particularly interested in black holes and the birth of the first stars. Lately he has devoted himself to the study of life and intelligence beyond the Earth, a subject on which he is writing a book. This 57-year-old scientist heads none other than Harvard University’s Institute of Astronomy.

Because he is studying the existence of extraterrestrial life

It is one of the most important questions of humanity. Ever since he was little, Loeb has been interested in basic questions and the most basic is if we are alone in the universe. If we meet other intelligent beings, this would radically change the image of who we are, of what we stand for.

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Furthermore, the extraterrestrial intelligences they could multiply our knowledge in ways impossible to quantify. It would be as if a person from the Middle Ages were catapulted into the 21st century. Our horizon has been extended throughout history, from the individual to the family, then to the clan and then to the country. Later we discovered other continents where humans also lived. If we now find other creatures outside the Earth, we would be before the final extension of our horizon.

Let’s imagine creatures similar to us, but most likely they are totally different. And we may not find ourselves directly with other life forms, but only with their artifacts. Life, or at least life on Earth, is not made for interstellar travel. Cosmic radiation will be a huge problem even on such a short journey as go to Mars.

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Civilizations are very ephemeral. In other words: they are not very careful with their planet and, in the end, they end up destroying themselves or through nuclear wars, by the effects of their actions on the climate or by the destruction of their environment.

If you ask the scientist about the hypothesis that the first extraterrestrials are already here, he replies: “Yes. On October 19, 2017, Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS telescope recorded a foreign object in the sky. It moved so fast that it could only come from somewhere outside the solar system. It is the first visit that comes to us from outer space that we know of. It was baptized with the name of Oumuamua“.