5 ways The Last of Us 2’s Ellie Will Change the Gaming World

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Open-World survival games have revolutionized gaming, in no small part thanks to the success of The Last of Us. Now Naughty Dog is back with a sequel and we won’t know what to expect until release date. Here are five ways that Ellie from the game’s first chapter will change the gaming world!

How can Ellie change the gaming world?

Ellie is a very important character in The Last of Us. She is the only female main character in the game, and she is also the protagonist’s love interest.

Ellie has a major impact on the game’s overall story. She helps to save Joel from death and teaches him about the importance of relationships. Her character also shows that women can be strong and capable leaders.

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Ellie’s role in the game will change the way players approach gaming characters. Previously, games have centered on male protagonists who are always stronger and more skilled than their female counterparts. Ellie’s presence in The Last of Us challenges this norm and opens up new possibilities for gaming characters.

Why does Ellie matter?

Ellie is one of the most important and groundbreaking characters in video game history. Her impact on the gaming world will be far-reaching and unprecedented.

Few characters have had as much of an impact on video games as Ellie. Her presence in The Last Of Us changed the way players interact with protagonists and affected how games are designed. She was a powerful symbol for women in video games, and she paved the way for future female protagonists.

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Ellie’s story is also an important tale of redemption. After being captured by Joel and run through a gauntlet of diseases, Ellie emerges as a stronger, more determined character. She battles Joel not only physically, but emotionally as well. Her journey shows that players don’t have to be tough or invincible to prevail in the world, and that companionship and support are essential to surviving adversity.

5 ways The Last of Us 2’s Ellie Will Change the Gaming World

The Last of Us was a seminal game that helped to change the way people play video games. It introduced us to the idea of a grizzled survivor, who must work together with other comrades to survive in a harsh post-apocalyptic world.

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This sequel is set five years after the first game and sees Ellie take center stage as the lead character. She is joined by new characters and the gameplay mechanics have been completely revamped.

Here are five ways Ellie’s appearance in The Last of Us 2 will change the world of gaming:

1. Ellie will be the first openly transgender character in a mainstream video game.

2. Ellie is a lesbian and her relationship with other characters in the game will be central to the story.

3. Ellie is bisexual, and her relationships with women will be highlighted more prominently than relationships with men.

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4. The enemies that Ellie faces in the game will reflect themes of xenophobia and bigotry, which are often central to stories about racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination.

5. The Last Of Us 2’s world is one in which climate change is a significant issue, and every decision that players make will have consequences for the environment and the population beyond what is seen in the original game.

What is the story behind Ellie and Joel’s relationship?

The story behind Ellie and Joel’s relationship is one of the most interesting aspects of The Last Of Us. Joel is a hardened survivor, who has seen and done things that would leave most people emotionally damaged. Yet he seems to have formed a strong bond with Ellie, despite her being a young girl.

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Ellie is also an impressive character. Despite the bleak circumstances in which she finds herself, she never loses hope. She is fiercely protective of those she cares about, and never backs down from a fight. Her determination will no doubt inspire other gamers to look further within themselves and see what makes them special.

In short, The Last of Us Ellie will change the gaming world for the better. She represents the type of character that gamers can look up to and aspire to be like.

Will The Last of Us 2 be an open or closed world game?

The Last of Us’ Ellie will undoubtedly change the gaming world for the better. She’s not your average video game character – she is complicated, vulnerable, and relate-able. Ellie’s story has drawn in gamers around the world with her emotional journey, which has led some to hope that Naughty Dog will create an open-world game for Ellie and the other survivors in The Last of Us 2.

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Open-world games are always more fun, but they also come with a risk. Many gamers complain that open-world games are overly sprawling and difficult to navigate, making them frustrating and unfulfilling. If done wrong, an open-world game can actually harm a player’s immersion in the game world.

If Naughty Dog manages to create an open-world game that is immersive, captivating, and challenging – without overwhelming players – then they will have definitely changed the gaming landscape for the better.


Ellie’s story has captivated gamers the world over, and there is no doubt that her appearance in The Last of Us will have a lasting impact on the gaming industry. With themes of feminism and parent-child relationships at its core, Naughty Dog’s latest title has pushed boundaries for video game storylines and character development alike. Expect to see more games featuring strong female characters in the years to come – thanks, Ellie!

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