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Windows has fewer vulnerabilities than Apple Mac OS X and Linux

Windows has fewer vulnerabilities than Apple Mac OS X and Linux

Windows loses the nefarious scepter of the most vulnerable operating system that passes from hand to Apple Mac OS X which in 2014 is the least protected software of the year: the statistics.

According to the US government agency NVD (National Vulnerability Database) which recorded 7038 types of new vulnerabilities in 2014, about 19 every day, the most vulnerable operating system currently available is no longer Windows Microsoft (including versions Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2012, Windows 8, 8.1, Vita and RT) but rather the operating system of Apple Mac OS Xfollowing Apple iOS and finally Linux.

Microsoft’s most recent operating system, or Windows 8.1, ranks eighth out of 10 with about 36 vulnerabilities identified in 2014, of which about 24 serious and 12 on average serious; Apple Mac OS X is far worse, which in the same year presented 147 new vulnerabilities of which 64 serious, 67 of medium entity and 16 of low importance, thus becoming the least secure software of 2014.

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Not much better does Apple iOS which comes with 127 vulnerabilities of which 32 are serious, 72 of medium size and 23 of little importance while Linux, which was once considered the safest operating system to use, in 2014 presented 119 new vulnerabilities of 24 serious, 74 medium and 21 low profile.

Of the 7000 and more vulnerability reports that occurred in 2014, only 13% of the cause depends on the operating system used, while for over 80% the problem depends on third-party applications or software that are installed in the latter, while the third most important factor is the mounted hardware which can create security problems in 4% of cases.

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If you want to keep your PC or mobile device at the highest possible level of security, it is highly recommended to constantly update your operating system, the web browser you use to browse the internet, Java software and all free software and payment distributed by Adobe such as Flash Player, Reader, Shockwave Player and Air.

Via: microsoft-news.com