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Water or Cristalsol? What should be used to clean the PC screen?

Water or Cristalsol? What should be used to clean the PC screen?

The screen of our computer accumulates dirt over time that must be cleaned periodically. However, it happens that many times we do not do it correctly and it may even happen that at first, but usually, we damage the panel in an imperceptible way. all this due to the use of products such as Cristasol. This can affect not only your health, but also the quality with which you transmit the image. That is why we have thought to show you in a simple way how to correctly clean the screen of your PC.

Between the dust and the fingers, our monitor does not look like the first day and despite the fact that we have everything well organized and clean, including our tower, sometimes we tend to forget to clean the monitor or the screen of our computer. So if these have become an image of dust and dirt and you don’t know what is the most efficient way to clean them, you just have to follow the advice that we give you below.

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Suncrystal and your screen don’t get along

It is not a complex exercise and rather the problem is in the tools that are usually used for it, especially liquids. Which ones should you avoid Well, those that have alcohol or ammonia in their composition, the famous Cristasol being a clear example, so avoid using it.

Since they are highly corrosive elements for the panel of our television and can even destroy its anti-glare protection. In addition, we run the risk that the liquid falls through one of the holes in the casing into the interior of the monitor where its circuit is located and if it deteriorates, then goodbye. New tenant in the sky of the monitors and if we use a laptop the thing can get worse, since without realizing it we can deactivate the keyboard.

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How to clean my computer screen

So how do we do it? Well, it really isn’t much of a secret, the writer of this article uses a microfiber cloththe same ones used to clean the glassesyes, wet it in a little water and you’re ready to clean the back panel and then dry it with another cloth of the same type. As for the ports and slots, we recommend using a compressed air spray in combination with headphones.

A little known trick is to take disposable mop refills and wrap the swabs in cloth from a microfiber mop refill. This will prevent the cotton from unraveling and ensure that it catches as much dust as possible. To do this, we recommend you cut small pieces and tie them with a chicken rubber band. Of course, hit it with the compressed air spray before everything to take off the dust.

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The operation should not cost you much time. By the way, we forgot to say it before, but we assume that you are clear that it is better to clean by disconnecting all the cables. So take them out carefully before proceeding to clean the screen.