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Tepeji PC trained in handling hazardous materials – El Sol de Hidalgo


Tepeji PC trained in handling hazardous materials – El Sol de Hidalgo

TEPEJI DEL RÍO, Hgo.- The Municipal Civil Protection Committee and municipal officials participated in a training given by the National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC) and Petróleos Mexicanos on the “Protocol of action for emergency care due to leaks, spills, fire or explosion of hydrocarbons and/or hazardous materials in PEMEX facilities or equipment”.
The Higher School of Tepeji of the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo provided the facilities for the work.
The Municipal Secretary General, Javier Silva Chávez, explained that the main objective of this training was to know the procedures that allow strengthening and unifying efforts in the event of an emergency derived from a hydrocarbon leak contingency.
He recalled that in Tepeji there are important PEMEX facilities and a series of pipelines through which various oil derivatives are transported.
“So it is important, given the contingencies previously experienced, to have the necessary knowledge to follow the appropriate protocols that allow safeguarding the lives of the population and the personnel that attend to the emergency” and thanked PEMEX and the CNPC for their willingness.
The representatives of the parastatal PEMEX and CNPC, explained that after this training the municipality will be able to act under the agreed objectives.
“And thus establish an effective and efficient administration of public resources to protect the population, the environment and safeguard the facilities and equipment that intervene in the prevention and reaction of this type of emergency.”
In this course the entire action protocol was established. The chain of command with a unified command was specified and the action path was presented from alarm notification, deployment activation, emergency care and termination.
At the end of the training, Javier Silva commented that this type of inter-institutional training will continue to be managed and the issue of drills has already been considered.

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