Pixel 5, Google TV and Facebook have a cool new idea

Pixel 5, Google TV and Facebook have a cool new idea

Huawei plans to incorporate Google Apps into its smartphones through its AppGallery application store

Huawei is preparing a method to incorporate some Google applications in its terminals despite the ban imposed by the US. The Huawei veto continues and continues to make a dent in the company, since now none of your released smartphones can come with the Google Apps nor any Google service in this regard. In its…

Google presented its new Pixel smartphones with 5G technology | Video

Posted at 16:40 ET (20:40 GMT) on Friday, October 2, 2020 Playing 1:48 Posted at 21:48 ET (01:48 GMT) Thursday, September 24, 2020 1:21 Posted at 18:44 ET (22:44 GMT) Wednesday, September 23, 2020 1:34 Posted at 1:50 pm ET (5:50 pm GMT) Thursday, September 17, 2020 1:20 Posted at 13:21 ET (17:21 GMT) Wednesday,…

Google Meet implements noise cancellation on iOS and Android

Noise cancellation is a feature that has been on the web version of Google Meet for months and is now starting to roll out in the iOS and Android apps. This will improve the quality of video calls made from the mobile, since the user will not have to worry about noise in their environment….

Google launched its new smartphone to compete with the iPhone | Chronicle

Google launched its new smartphone to compete with the iPhone | Chronicle

Nest Audio: Nest Audio Price: Features Google Home Smart Speaker 2020

Nest Audio is in a way an update on what we knew as Google Home, offering the standard point of Google’s smart speaker. Playing:Watch this: Nest Audio: Google’s new smart speaker 1:20 Keep in mind that it does not mean that it is the most compact and cheapest of Google, because the Nest Mini is…

Google launches its first 5G phones

Through a video published on its YouTube platform, Google today presented its new television service, the update of its Chromecast device, a smart speaker with high-quality audio and its first models of phones compatible with 5G networks. “Today we present new devices that seek to offer entertainment, connection and even a little joy for people….

Best Chrome extensions and apps for Google

Google plus Google chrome is a huge Internet browser and with its Google chrome extensions, it facilitates a huge user experience. Certain best Google chrome extensions and apps for Google plus will be used every day, while others continue to be good for pretenses There are many different types of extensions and apps for Google…

Google TV has arrived to take the place of Android TV

Yesterday a great Google event was held, which left us with a multitude of news. One of them was Google TV, which is integrated into the brand’s new Chromecast. Pending its launch in Spain this month, the company’s plans for this new generation are already clear and directly affect Android TV. Since there are going…

Google adds eye detection to the facial recognition of the Google Pixel 4

When the Google Pixel 4 to the market, one of the selling points was the incorporation of facial unlocking in the upper part of the terminal, by cameras and infrared sensors similar to what Apple uses on its FaceID. Shortly after, users realized something, and that is that the terminal was not able to detect…