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PS5 sold-out: that’s when the new stocks arrive!


PS5 sold-out: that’s when the new stocks arrive!

Between high demand and problems related to the health emergency, PS5s (and even Xbox Series X) are practically sold out everywhere. The situation is so complex that even those who have booked the consoles months in advance will not receive them on the day of the debut (November 19th). What are the hopes, then, for those who have not yet booked it? Sony tells us so.

PS5 is one of the most anticipated consoles of recent times. From the day of its presentation it was known that the demand would be very high. Usually, Sony handles orders for its products very well. The Covid-19 issue, however, does not seem to have helped. The company will not be able to meet demand at its debut, however, it will do everything to make up for it. That’s how.

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PS5: new stocks on the way, the word of Sony

Do not despair all gamers who have not managed to pre-order one of the new PS5. For them, in fact, there is still hope. According to what was declared by the CEO and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, the company is said to be working hard to push production to the max. In this way, they will be guaranteed new stocks of the console before the Christmas season. So be careful, very soon the big electronic distribution chains could reopen the pre-orders for the consoles.

As you can guess, even these stocks will be limited, consequently, there will be a part that will not be able to take home their object of desire anyway. Sony states, however, that another wave of stocks will also arrive after the Christmas season. The chances of grabbing the console, in that case, will be much higher. We point out that, at the moment, Unieuro is the only company that will offer, for online purchase, a limited quantity of PS5 on the day of the debut. If you are interested, this may be the perfect opportunity to grab your unit. Look forward to any updates in this regard.

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Ph. Credit: PlayStation.com