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Microsoft Plans Longhorn Home Server Design


Microsoft Plans Longhorn Home Server Design

The vice president of the Windows Server department, Bob Muglia, stated in an online chat that the possibility of creating a future version of Windows Longhorn Server for home users was being considered.

He has also commented that the Client and Server versions of LongHorn will be released at the same time, unlike on other occasions that have left a considerable time gap between versions.

The first Beta version (for testing purposes only) of the LongHorn Server and Client will be available to beta testers this summer, with the final version expected in mid-2006.

From what we know about the Home Server version, as its name indicates, it will help us to set up a home server, without the need for a state-of-the-art server, or the technical knowledge to handle more advanced versions of systems based on servers.

On the other hand, there are news regarding the functionalities of the future LongHorn Server system.

With LongHorn Server, we will have a network security system, and new administrative tools, completely changing the concept of administration up to now conceived by NT systems.

There will be 20 levels of functionality, among them we will find print server services, DHCP server, a new and improved IIS (Internet Information Server), a renewed Terminal Server, etc…

From Hispazone, we will continue to report on the progress in the development of this system, but as you already know, there is less and less time before we can test it in its final version.