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Colorful launches an insane GTX 560Ti


Colorful launches an insane GTX 560Ti

The card is based on Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 560Ti but looks like a massive card where you can see it. It has three heights and three 80 and 70mm fans that power a card with frequencies of 900MHz for GPU and 4200MHz for memory. The card has a PCI Express slot that can be used to add a wireless video module, a TV tuner or even a power module that once connected sets the card to a frequency of 1010MHz for the GPU and 4500MHz for the memory.

The card comes with other accessories such as a vertical heatpipe-based ventilation kit and even a series of paints and brushes for the user to customize their “weapon”. Undoubtedly a spectacular graphic but I do not think we will see in Spain since this manufacturer has almost zero penetration in our market.

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