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“We want DUX Gaming to be the first great club of the 20th century. XXI”

“We want DUX Gaming to be the first great club of the 20th century. XXI”

Sport has always shown to have a number of fascinating values. Esports, like its little brother, have learned from its fundamental pillars, managing to hybridize the digital with the traditional.

One of the clubs that has best achieved this union of concepts has been Juegos de DOGE, which has opted for competitive sports video games, placing them as the reference within the sector.

Mario FernándezCEO of DUX Gaming, has been the one who has been in charge of this project and has seen how it has grown since its birth in 2018 to what we know today.

Despite the 4 years that they have been active, which may not seem like much, the truth is that the growth they are having, as well as the expected evolution, is more than positive: “Our different divisions are achieving the objectives that set for the beginning of the season, both in the Madrid DUX International, the Women’s DUX Logroñés, in FIFA and in NBA 2K”.

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Also, DUX Gaming has always sought to continue revolutionizing the competitive landscape. His latest move has been to “cross the pond” and lay the foundations of the club in Mexico with DOGO Infinito.

The Spanish-speaking basketball is represented by them in the NBA 2K League whose credit goes to AveMario Y RafaTGR:: “The credit goes to Rafa, the captain of the team in Europe. It was very clear to me that the pinnacle of success was to reach the NBA 2K League, so the first thing we did was position AveMario in this competition by reaching the Cleveland Cavaliers. After this, the next step was to contact Brendan Donohue, president of the NBA 2K League, and we offered them the possibility of DUX being the new franchise.

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If we look at the structure of the team, the esports in which it participates start from the same root, sports. F1, FIFA and NBA 2K are the three pillars on which it is based and the evolution of the entity will always revolve around this base: “DUX has been a sports club since it was born. This allows us to apply the values ​​of the sport itself in esports and, in addition, the content we can offer can be enjoyed by everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, who will have no problem understanding a football, basketball or F1 race game.” .

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DUX Gaming’s dream is clear. Its appearance in the ecosystem aspires to be a sporting emblem that encompasses different sections and all share the same element: sport. When asked how the company will evolve in the coming years, the CEO has no doubts about what the next steps will be: “Right now we are entering a project consolidation phase, but that does not mean that we are not thinking about things In the future, in the end we are clear that we are sport and that our goal is to become the first great club of the 20th century. 21and adds: “I think the possibilities of uniting the two worlds (real and virtual) through sport with DUX as a brand that encompasses everything, are endless”.

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Finally, the development of your appointments is the natural priority. Focusing especially on F1 and NBA 2K, in the first they have landed and are still unpacking and in the second they bet on having a year, even better than the first: «The intention is to continue growing in F1 to find our niche It is the last discipline in which we have entered, but we are already in negotiations with entities in search of opportunities. In the case of DUX Infinitos, we have had a better first year than we expected. In fact, we have sneaked into the playoffs of a couple of tournaments twice, which for a newcomer club can be a bit more complicated. This year, in principle, it was to gain that experience to enhance it next year. And at FIFA we can give thanks that we are what we are to the wonderful team that we form has made us one of the best clubs in Europeconsidered a Master by Electronic Arts (EA) itself and, finally, in the case of professional football, continue growing”.

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DUX Gaming forecasts suggest that soon it will be more of a reference and an example to follow for lower denominations. The great work they are doing and having a unique personality in esports is allowing the great advances that have positioned them in different parts of the world.