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Men who lose the Y chromosome: a common occurrence

Men who lose the Y chromosome: a common occurrence

The DNA it is not something perfect, but there are changes in every person’s life. Some of these are the result of very specific adaptations while others are more casual. In this transformation there also appear those that can easily be defined as errors. For example, a fairly common one for men is the loss of Y chromosome.

After the 70 years of life, nIn 40% of men, white blood cells lose the Y chromosome, or also called mLOY. This actually leads to a much shorter lifespan, but that’s not all. The risk of undergoing new diseases increases, even just about cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. But the latest finding also relates to a greater risk of heart problems.

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Men and the Y chromosome

In the words of the researchers: “We see that mLOY in laboratory tests causes fibrosis which leads to a decline in heart function. This observation is consistent with the results of the mouse model and suggests that mLOY has a direct physiological effect in humans as well. The link between mLOY and fibrosis is very interesting, especially considering the new treatment strategies for heart failure, pulmonary fibrosis and some cancers that aim to counter the onset of fibrosis. “

Studies behind the disappearance of some Y-chromosome cells in men are trying to understand if this mutation is responsible for other health problems related to aging, such aschronic inflammation. There is also talk of avoiding this mutation by blocking the communication pathways of the affected cells.