Install the new APK 21.00.0 on Android

Just a few days ago, WhatsApp Plus launched its version 21.00.0, which is why in this note we will tell you how to install its latest update on your smartphone with the Android operating system.

This week, after the release of the most popular instant messaging application APK Version 20.50.0 Metael mod made the 21.00.00 update available to its thousands of users.

To install the most recent version of this modified electronic application, you must first take into account two things: first, if you already have WhatsApp Plus installed, and second, if you have not downloaded this APK on your cell phone.

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In case you have already downloaded and installed the “pirated” version of WhatsApp, all you have to do is go to the settings of the instant messaging platform and look for the option that allows you to update the application.

On the other hand, in case you have not yet decided to download and install WhatsApp Plus on your mobile device, first of all you will have to bear in mind that for this to work on your smartphone you will have to uninstall the original app, that is, delete WhatsApp from your cellphone.

For this, it is best to do it directly from the Google Play Store, as doing so will ensure that there is no trace of the original Meta application that prevents the mod from working properly on your smartphone.

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Once you have got rid of WhatsApp, you will have to find a website that offers you to download the virus-free version 21.00.0 APK, as it is common for websites where this mod is offered to be infected with malware.

We recommend Computer Group, unlimited APK, AndroForever or Bad Life, any of these options guarantees a safe download and 100% free of viruses that can damage the operation of your mobile device.

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After downloading version 21.00.0 of WhatsApp Plus, you will only let your cell phone install the latest APK of this modified instant messaging platform, and that’s it! You can enjoy its various advantages.

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