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Google will add its own ad blocker to Chrome

Google will add its own ad blocker to Chrome

The ad blockers in browsers are add-ons available for the vast majority of browsers on the market that eliminate the advertising that may appear on web pages. They have always been surrounded by some controversy since, although their creation arose to avoid abusive and annoying ads, in the end they practically eliminate all ads, leaving websites without funding.

It seems that Google is going to join the bandwagon by adding to its Chrome browser a ad blocker already standard. This adblocker will arrive on February 15 to the latest version of the browser.

There is some skepticism, as much of Google’s revenue comes from advertising

Naturally, being a blocker for Google itself, we may see how the ads on its Adwords/adsense platform are not affected by the blocking and continue to show them. In principle, the company has joined the Coalition for a better ad experience and will only block those that are on the blacklist of the companies that form it, revealing the rest of the ads that are not supposed to be annoying, although we cannot remove from memory those adsense ads with strident music that tormented us some time ago.

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In principle, the blocked ads will be pop-up windows, ads with sound, ads with a countdown or oversized ads, but it will be necessary to see if the company gives some kind of preference to its own ads over those of the competition, something that could open another legal front for abuse of dominant position. Do not forget that most of Google’s income comes precisely from ads and advertising and is an interested party in the subject.