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Google One: the new app will soon be available for iOS!

Google One: the new app will soon be available for iOS!

The American giant Google has just announced the arrival of the app Google One on iOS devices. For the uninitiated, One is the company’s service that allows you to store, in a very simple way, various types of data on the cloud. All this, totally free. The service has been available on Android for a long time. Soon, a new app will also bring it to iOS. Let’s find out all the details about it.

Google One turns out to be a very used service by Android users. This, in fact, allows users to have automatic and always ready backups of your devices. This way, your data always stays safe. The company has decided to bring the known features of One, with some news, also on iOS. Here’s when.

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Google One lands on iOS, here’s how it works

Soon, even all iOS users will be able to take advantage of the google cloud to organize their data. Google One allows you to store photos, videos, contacts and calendar events for free up to a maximum of 15 GB. Thanks to the new function of Storage ManagementFurthermore, you will be able to organize your Drive, Photos and Gmail data in the blink of an eye. For those who need more storage space, the company will offer a number of paid plans starting at just $ 2 per month.

Of course, all the new features coming to the iOS app will also be available for Android users. At the moment, the application is not yet publicly available. The company, in fact, has only limited itself to saying that will be available soon. We will keep you updated as soon as this is released. Look forward to any updates in this regard.