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Gmail: how to delete a sent email before it is read? | android | iPhone | | Google

Gmail: how to delete a sent email before it is read? | android | iPhone | | Google

Gmail is the email service that we use the most in our work, study center or business. For this reason, it has surely happened to you more than once that you sent a message to the wrong person or with the wrong information. Fortunately, there is a trick on the platform that will help us remove that sent email before they read it. What to do Here we tell you.

For this Gmail trick that allows you to cancel a sent message to work, you must have the necessary function activated and keep in mind that it will only have a limited time to execute the action. In addition, it works in the versions for Android, iOS and web.

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How to cancel a sent email in Gmail

If you want to undo a sent email in Gmail, you don’t have to install any third-party apps or weird programs. This method is native to the Google service and to do it you just have to follow these steps:

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In this very simple way, the next time you make a mistake or are not sure about sending an email from gmail, it will be seen as an ‘undo’ notice, so you will have a few seconds to think about it and repent.

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Google Maps: so you can get your business to appear as a location

Google Maps is integrated into the Google My Business tool, the platform for managing and monitoring companies in the search engine. Therefore, the first step in registering your business is through a free business service account. To create your profile follow these short steps:

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And ready. It is important to mention that the more reviews you have on Google Maps and the higher the rating, your business will stand out among all the options in the category and area.