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Gigaset GS5 review: balanced smartphone at the right price

Gigaset GS5 review: balanced smartphone at the right price

Gigaset GS5 is a smartphone with an operating system Android 11 mid-range, given the list price of 299 euros, with very interesting performances, able to satisfy the needs of users who also focus on the reliability and quality of the materials. Let’s take a closer look at it in our review complete.

Design and Aesthetics

Aesthetically, the product is very reminiscent of the just previous model, the Gigaset GS4, in terms of form factor and materials used. The back cover is made of tempered glass glossy, unfortunately it retains enough fingerprints, completely flat and with the camera module a level of the body itself. The rounded and convex shape makes it more “brick” than it could have been, despite the weight is really full-bodied, given i 210 grams overall.

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The other dimensional limit is represented by the thicknessequal to 10.4mm, an aspect that makes it more difficult to carry and use with one hand. The frame is shiny of the same color as the back cover, it collects all the connectivity, among which the USB type-C 2.0 in the lower part, with also the 3.5mm jack. If interested in the actual size, the Gigaset GS5 reaches 157.5 x 75 x 10.4 mm thick; the construction materials are excellent, the plastic looks good quality, with very good overall strength. Use with wet hands is “limited”, as the risk of slipping is higher than expected.

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Hardware and Specifications

A panel from 6.3 in diagonally, a resolution IPS LCD FullHD + (2340 x 1080 pixels), 16.7 million colors, e 410 ppi. Good oleophobicity, the fingerprints are not too restrained to the touch, as well as the response of the touch screen, compatible with up to 5 contact points. The general surrender of the display is in line with the positioning range, detail and sharpness are sufficient, the colors quite accurate but with a fairly limited dynamic range. There maximum brightness from 430 cd per square meter, it is excellent for use in direct sunlight; shame about the refresh rate alone 60Hzgreatly limits the fluidity of the experience.

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The processor is a MediaTek Helio G85as far as 2GHz clock rate, coupled with the Mali-G52 GPU. The basic configuration provides 128GB eMMC internal memory e 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM, remembering however that the ROM can be increased up to a maximum of 512GB. The performance is sufficient for normal business use, the opening of applications is quite fast, the same are performed without too many slowdowns, with a minimum dose of gaming possible. In the most intense sessions, does not heat up excessively in the back.

Unlocking can take place in two ways, using the fingerprint sensor placed in the rearor face recognition 2D. In the first case we have noticed a certain inaccuracy when unlocking, as it was necessary to position the finger several times to be recognized correctly; as regards the visa, however, the wait will be minimal, and in a very short time you will be able to access your smartphone.

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The trolley of SIM integrates 3 slotsfor the combined placement of two SIMs and memory expansion. The Gigaset GS5 he is alone 4Gwith connectivity represented by GPS, WiFi 802.11 ac dual band, bluetooth 5.0 and 3.5 mm jack (the NFC chip is also present). L’audio is mono, only the lower speaker is used, for a maximum volume sufficient for an environment of 20 square meters; the overall yield is decent, with good detail and sharpness, but not superior to the other models of the same range.

Camera, operating system and battery

The photographic sector of the Gigaset GS5 is represented by 2 sensors posterior, divided into a main by 48 megapixelswith F1.8 aperture, and a wide angle from 8 megapixels with opening F2.2.

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In bright conditions, the shots are overall discrete, both in terms of detail and general sharpness. The colors are well balanced, they do not tend to excessive contrast or saturation, although the dynamic range is always quite limited. Excellent white balance and management of strong lights; the wide-angle sensor leaves slightly to be desired in the definition and in the sharpness, the detachment between the two is very noticeable.

By reducing the general light, the first thing we notice is the risk of taking a shot moved, given the absence of an integrated optical stabilizer. The brightness of the images is always good, with digital noise which, however, is seen very early (even in night mode). The colors are never too saturated and contrasted, the detail it is enough, maybe it loses slightly in general sharpness. Overall we can consider the yield in line with expectations, or in any case with the previous model.

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THE video are made to the maximum in Quad HD to 1440p to 30fps, the yield reflects everything we have just told you. There focus it is excellent in all light conditions, both indoors and outdoors, it manages to frame the subject perfectly; there digital stabilization makes it difficult to be able to record a stable video, even if you have a steady hand while walking. It certainly could have been better.

A sensor from 16 megapixels, with F2.0 aperture, and more than enough quality for making good selfies both outdoors and indoors. The details are good, as is the general sharpness; excellent contouring of the subject, the classic bokeh effect so to speak, with management of strong lights without particular defects.

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The operating system is Android 11with recently updated security patches, and a version very close to Android Stock. The graphic customization is minimal, you can only take advantage of the gestures, the assistive sphere to be placed on the display, and little more, everything else follows the canonical Android solutions. In any case, navigation is fluid and without particular lag.

There battery is a great component from 4500mAhwith fast charging at 18 watts and compatibility with charging wireless. The autonomy is slightly above the average, which in our case we remember to be around 3 hours and 30/4 hours of active display, in fact during the tests we were also able to touch the 5 hours of continuous use, before having to resort to the wall socket.

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Gigaset GS5: conclusions

In conclusion the Gigaset GS5 is an interesting smartphone, very attractive especially for the economical selling price, for the build quality, and for a display which as a whole satisfies, although it is limited to only 60Hz. The choice to keep Android as close as possible to the stock version is appreciated, with a clean and fast interface, also able to guarantee a longer autonomy than other devices.

On the other side of the coin we find excessive size (especially weight and thickness) and a photographic sector that can still be improved.

Gigaset GS5

346 euros


Design and Aesthetics

7.0 / 10


7.5 / 10


7.5 / 10


7.0 / 10


8.0 / 10


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