Coronavirus: Disposable paper handkerchiefs play an important role

It was always stressed as to try to reduce coronavirus infection it is important to wash your hands well and use protective aids such as masks. A new study has however noted how in reality too simple paper handkerchiefs are a valid support element. They are an effective supplement even when hand washing has not been done properly.

The hands are seen as the main way of spreading the virus, simply because we almost touch with them all surfaces in front of us and even our face. This favors the passage from the outside to the inside of our body. Washing your hands serves to reduce this amount. Soap and water are therefore essential, but the handkerchiefs complete the whole by doubling the effectiveness.

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Coronavirus: protection and cleaning

A team of experts from theBritish University of Leeds. The latter have discovered that when the hands have not been cleaned properly, a very high possibility always, the paper handkerchiefs were able to effectively remove traces of the virus.

In the words of the researchers: “We believe our findings are relevant to the control of the novel coronavirus which is spreading at a rapid pace around the world. Paper handkerchiefs should be the best way to dry hands after washing and thus reduce the risk of virus contamination and spread. “

The statement by Paul Hunter, a professor outside the research team: “Clearly the amount of virus that remains in people’s hands after washing depends to a large extent on people’s efficiency in washing their hands. If people don’t wash their hands properly, then other people could be at risk if they approach someone using such a jet dryer. This study reinforces the need to wash hands properly in order to remove as many viruses as possible before drying. “

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