Apple: The budget iPhone could still be launched on March 31st

Despite the great chaos that has spread around the world due to thecoronavirus epidemicApple may not have given up on the launch of its next “Cheap iPhone“, Scheduled for March 31st. The device, which would cost around 400 eurosshould have seen its launch postponed precisely because of the epidemic, but for now the official date seems to be confirmed.

In fact, Apple has been working on an iPhone for months more accessible, the so-called “iPhone 9”. The unexpected outbreak of the coronvirus epidemic, however, had thrown the insiders into total despair, since many Apple factories were present. right in China; now, news comes from the tech portal Digitimes that the iPhone 9 has entered its “final verification phase”. The site cites sources of which, however, it does not mention, stating that the assembly is in progress in a factory in Zhengzhou, in China. The fact is that Zhengzhou is located in Henan province, among the most affected by the virus.

There is no official news from Apple yet, but the feeling is that the launch of the mysterious iPhone 9 will go smoothly

It is important to remember that Apple did not confirm the existence of the phone, so it is not certain that the new iPhone is actually in the pipeline on the shelves. Apple is indeed famously very private on their devices in the pipeline and it is not usual to spread news about it until the official announcement. The Californian tech giant typically hosts a major launch event of its products towards the end of March, but in the light of recent events it is not certain that everything is going according to plan.

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Even if the event were to be canceledHowever, there would always be the possibility that Apple will make the device available anyway online. However, it is possible that production delays create a time gap more or less wide between the announcement and the launch. Apple, for its part, may also struggle to produce enough units of the iPhone 9, likely creating a no less problematic situation.