Apple: released new firmware for AirPods Pro

The house of the bitten appleApple, has recently released a new firmware update for its high-end wireless earbuds, AirPods Pro. This is the third firmware released after the product launch (November 2019). What new features will be introduced? Here’s everything we know about it.

Apple has really hit the mark with the AirPods Pro. Since their launch, they have been praised out of all proportion by everyone. Particularly appreciated is the active noise cancellation function, an exclusive feature of these new earphones. The new firmware improves the device in several respects.

Apple: the new firmware of the AirPods Pro improves the active noise cancellation?

The new firmware for the AirPods Pro is codenamed 2D15. This replaces the current 2C54 version. As with all firmware updates for AirPods, Apple hasn’t communicated the aspects that have improved. However, we assume that this has fixed several bugs and, moreover, that it has improved the active noise cancellation function. The update was released in the past few hours and is therefore already available for download.

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The firmware for AirPods cannot be downloaded manually, you will have to wait for the download to take place automatically. To make this happen, you simply need to keep the earphones connected to your iPhone while the latter is connected to the internet. You can check the type of firmware you have installed on your pair of AirPods through your smartphone settings (General, info, AirPods Pro). Look forward to any updates in this regard.