Zotac will offer two versions of the Geforce GTX 550Ti

Both share the same proprietary Zotac design that focuses the card’s operation on a more efficient heatsink with active cooling provided by a large fan controlled by the card itself.

We will find two versions, at least for now, a conventional one with frequencies of 900MHz for the GPU and 4100MHz for the GB of GDDR5 memory and another within the AMP! from Zotac that provides 1GHz of frequency for the GPU and 4400MHz for the Memory. We will talk about this model more calmly since we have a sample in the laboratory.

Zotac enhances connectivity by adding an additional Displayport to the DVI and HDMI connectors. Two more options that fall within the advertised price range where overclocked models are around 150 Euros and normal 130 Euros.

  Nvidia will release the Geforce GTX 950 on August 17