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YouTube: juicy news arrives on the iOS and Android app!

YouTube: juicy news arrives on the iOS and Android app!

YouTube has finally decided to release a major update of its app for iOS and Android devices. A series of functions arrive in the field that make the user experience much more pleasant and interesting. Let’s find out together what it is.

The well-known music streaming platform is now more intuitive than ever thanks to a series of targeted features and various aesthetic improvements. Introduced the possibility of add chapters within videos, added new gestures and changed the position of some essential commands. Let’s find out everything not in detail.

YouTube: here are the news of the latest iOS and Android update

YouTube is trying hard to make its platform as functional as possible. From now on, all videos can have chapters. In this way, users can jump, with a simple tap, to the part of the video that interests them most. Clicking on any of the titles will open the entire list of the video’s chapters and allow you to preview them for an even more accurate selection. Another important news concerns the movement of the button relating to the activation of the autoplay and the one relating to the activation of subtitles. Both are now in a more visible position to be reached quickly.

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Last but not least, the introduction of a gesture series. In addition to those already present in previous versions, it will now be possible to switch to full screen mode simply by swiping up the video. Opposite, however, to get out of it.

As already mentioned, the update was released, in the past few hours, for all iOS and Android devices. We advised you to download it as soon as possible to try out all the news for yourself. Look forward to any updates in this regard.

Ph. Credit: YouTube.com