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YouTube: a new “gift subscription” function is coming

YouTube: a new “gift subscription” function is coming

YouTube announced the launch of a new “gift subscription” functionsimilar to Twitch subscriptions, where you can support your idol with financial support as well as obtaining additional benefits, such as personalized emojis. Twitch users have long been able to gift memberships, but so far on YouTube it has never been possible to do so.

At the moment, however, the new function will only be available in beta for a small group of creators and will be expanded to an increasingly larger group in the following months. Channels interested in trying the feature will need to fill out a Google formalso we will first have to have the requirements and be eligible to enable subscriptions.

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YouTube, it will soon be possible to give a subscription with this new feature as a gift

Subscriptions as a gift they will only be available to viewers who use a desktop browser window to get started: Buying gift memberships on mobile is something YouTube plans to have in place for the full launch of the feature. Viewers will also need to join a channel. This type of subscription will appear in the chat and we will have to do click on a link and then on a toggle to allow gifts.

Subscribers will be able to purchase a certain number of subscriptions in a particular purchase. Viewers who receive a gift subscription get1 month of access to the benefits of the channel subscription such as loyalty badges, custom emojis and more. Viewers who receive gift subscriptions do not pay no charge and, as the creator, we will receive our customary revenue share from each transaction. This new feature is just the latest from YouTube for compete better with Amazon’s streaming platform.

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However YouTube isn’t just competing on features, it has also attracted some big Twitch names, including DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Ludwig, and, in a deal announced just last week, Sykkunoto stream exclusively on its platform.

Image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay