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Yeedi Vac 2 Pro vs iRobot Roomba 981: who is the best buy for less than 500 euros?

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro vs iRobot Roomba 981: who is the best buy for less than 500 euros?

Yeedi is a reality that over the last few years has taken incredible steps forward in the world of robot vacuum cleaner, peppering its products with more and more recent and innovative technologies, consequently improving the final user experience. On the other side of the fence we find iRobot, a company that absolutely does not need any introduction, the best known reality in the sector, both for quality and diffusion in the territory. Falling within the spending range of 500 Euroslet’s try to understand which is the best robot vacuum cleaner, comparing on the one hand Yeedi Vac 2 Proon the other iRobot Roomba 981.

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Design and aesthetics

Both products feature the classic circular design we are used to talking about robot vacuum cleaners (in contrast, for example, with the D-shape of the Neato), they are both made in plastic with excellent construction materials, which give a certain strength and reliability even in the long term. The coloring white of the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro we definitely consider it improveas any scratches tend to be less noticeable, and at the same time, it seems to retain less dust.

The size are very similar to each other, the Roomba has a diameter of 35.1cmwhile the 35cm Yeedi, the fundamental difference is instead linked to the discriminating height basic for example to allow cleaning under sofas or tables. In this the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro absolutely wins a hands downsince reaching i 7.7cm (against the 9.2cm of the rival), manages to insinuate itself perfectly into every nook and cranny of the house. The weight is marginal, however, let’s talk about 5 kg against the 5.7 kg iRobot product.

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Moving the attention to the lower part, we notice the presence on both models of one single side brushwith the features two brushes multi-surface rubber of the Roomba 958, against the traditional central brush of the Vac 2 Pro. Both provide a cleaning on a large surface, the accuracy and the difference in power is so much minimal as to be almost superfluous. From this point of view, we can consider them practically equivalent, remembering however the automatic regulation of the power in relation to surface on both models, and the sensors Dirt Detect from irobot that recognize the dirtiest areas, sending Roomba the input to clean them more thoroughly.

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Access to the container is done by moving the upper part, the capacity changes slightly in favor of the model iRobotas it reaches approx 600ml against the 420ml of the Yeedi product. What makes the difference, however, is the function of wash only present in the latter (with 180ml water container, as well as simultaneous washing / aspiration), completely absent on the Roomba. The basis of emptyingin both cases, it can be purchased as a separate accessory.

Navigation and battery

THE models confronted they do not have of a laser turret, the product iRobot take advantage of the navigation system iAdapt 2.0 with visual localization, against one camera seamlessly integrated into the top and Yeedi’s 3D obstacle recognition. The mapping is definitely better on the latter, as it manages to identify each individual angle of the house, even the most remote and hidden, allowing the robot vacuum cleaner to move with tranquility in the spaces, also recognizing any obstacles. Model iRobot works equally well, but it turns out to be more violent, bumping into obstacles, before stopping, with the risk of mess up both the house and himself, as misses of the recognition of what surrounds him.

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Shifting the focus onautonomywe can only praise again the work done by Yeedi, also given the presence of a larger component. A component from 5’200mAhable to reach an autonomy of 220 minutes (in normal mode), in stark contrast to the suns 3’300mAh of Roomba 981, which do not allow to exceed 120 minutes autonomy. The difference can be seen more than anything else in very large houses, as both allow you to clean about 100 square meters with a single pass (they can still resume cleaning at a later time).

Power and Application

There power suction turns our comparison back into favor of the home product Yeedithe Vac 2 Pro reaches a maximum of 3000Paagainst the 1700Pa of the Roomba 981, whose engine still includes 3 levels suction, with speed up to 10X (and the Dirt Detect system we were talking about before). The difference in the brush is felt above all on the type of floor on which the product, the robot, is used roomba it is more recommended for rugs / carpets, while the Yeedi model certainly for floors harder and irregular, as the bristles allow dirt to be collected in the best way. The difference in power turns into a higher noise level of the model Yeedireaching 67 dBagainst the 58 dB of the Roomba.

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We noticed the last big difference in the application officialit is undeniable to be better than Yeedi, for the enormous possibilities of customization during use. Once the house has been mapped, the area can be divided into multiple rooms or for example define borders impassable, solutions absent in the iRobot app, within which we can only program cleaning, choosing the suction power and little else. Both products, we would like to remind you, are compatible with Google Assistant And Amazon Alexa.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro vs iRobot Roomba 981: conclusions

Following a long and thorough digression, we can only consider it better Yeedi Vac 2 Pro for multiple reasons: better autonomylatest and most updated technologies, function of washhigher suction power, smaller size, more accurate navigation and mapping, with application more defined and customizable. The product can be purchased on Amazon at a discount of 70 euros compared to the price list of 449 euros, just enter the following code LTRJHNCV; on Prime Day (12 and 13 July), however, the discount will be applied automatically. The only aspect on which the Roomba 981 turned out to be better, it’s about the recognition automatic dirt, an appreciated function, but marginal in the overall everyday experience.