XSEED: We love the Vita and will continue to support it

Sony’s support for the PlayStation Vita is slowly waning, but it’s still up there with Japanese titles and indie ports. This puts the laptop in a unique position: it’s still incredibly relevant, but only among a very specific niche. Fortunately, publisher XSEED – the organization responsible for bringing the likes of Akibas Trip: Feast of the Walking Dead and Corpses: Overseas Blood Drive – seems to understand its audience well, and has no intention of dropping the device in the near future.

“We love the Vita,” Vice President Ken Berry exclaimed in an interview with Operation Rainfall. “It’s a fantastic system. The install base may be lower than PlayStation 3, but Vita owners are the same players we appeal to, so with every Vita version we see great support. So as long as Vita games are being released in Japan, we’ll continue to bring them. We’re seeing a lot more Vita and PlayStation 4 titles coming to market, so we may not see Vita-exclusive games, but we’ll see a steady stream of PS4 and Vita titles.”

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The question is: will you continue to buy games for the platform, or has all the talk about his health pushed you away from the handheld? Reinvigorate your enthusiasm for the device in the comments section below.