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Xiaomi: new smartphone with 6GB of RAM memory spotted

Xiaomi: new smartphone with 6GB of RAM memory spotted

In recent times it has been seen as Chinese society Xiaomi has placed itself in a proactive way towards a market segment that this year has met new and interesting protagonists in the top-of-the-range sphere of the mobile phone universe.

On the occasion of Unpacked on 11 September 2017 Xiaomi has in fact formalized its second generation of borderless devices to be identified with the trade name of Xiaomi MI MIX 2devices based on the same concept design of the primordial models that launched the trend of large tactile surface displays, today improved with new and interesting features and add-ons as seen in our preview with focus on specifications, availability and price of the new models.

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But the market of the famous Chinese company is also moving in other directions, embracing innovations that allow you to benefit from alternative software experiences that leave ample room for a stock interaction as seen with the new Xiaomi MI A1, that abandons the MIUI proprietary GUI approach to the advantage of a basic user experience similar to that already seen and tested on Google-branded phones of the Nexus and Pixel Phone lines.

In any case, the novelties certainly do not end here and instead bring about the future of new protagonists, recently spotted online within the GFXBench databases, where the perspective on new products equipped with RAM memory equal to 6GB is offered. assisted by the most recent intelligent systems for the management of Qualcomm mobile processing for the revision of Snapdragon 835 SoCs with 10 nanometer production process and Octa-Core System architecture, the same view for the current top-of-the-range solutions 2017 on OnePlus and Samsung terminals and other internationally renowned brands.

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However, the information leaked about this mysterious device is not limited only to this and rather offers the key indications on the display module corresponding to a unit with a classic 16: 9 form factor having an absolute diagonal of 5.6 inches and output resolution. Full HD standard @ 1920 × 1080 pixels. From this initial information it is clear that the company has undertaken the clear decision to once again propose a terminal that will fill the role of the new top of the range in the Android mobile phone sector.

The multimedia sector of the tip and shoot also deserves particular mention, for which account is taken of the presence of a rear module equipped with a 12 Megapixel lens capable of giving shots up to the limit format of 4K at 30fps. Instead, there is talk of a front unit from 5 Megapixel standard format for the selfie-cam. All moved by a base operating system updated to the Android 7.1.1 Nougat software release with proprietary customizations to the MIUI v.9 interface.

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As for the design factor Xiaomi will certainly offer the classic unibody metal body characteristic of all its products, from entry-level to top of the range. With regard to these terminals, further information is awaited regarding market availability, prices and the final design to be given to the bodies.

In any case, an imminent presentation phase cannot be ruled out, which helps to undermine all our doubts about a new product that aims to compete with competitors from the upper floors. The last quarter of 2017 promises to be decidedly interesting and sees the undisputed top-end phones of Samsung face each other, with its Note 8 and Galaxy S8, Huawei with the Mate 10 proposals and Apple which has introduced a serious revaluation of the sector. mobile with its latest iPhone X.

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How will the challenge turn out? Will we have to review our comparison between the top-levels by including this new proposal which, as desirable, could carve out an important position in place of top-level hardware and convenience? We will find out soon. In the meantime, follow us for further information of an official nature and feel free to express yourself on the subject by reporting your personal comment on the matter.