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Xiaomi Air 2 Pro review: earphones with ANC, fast and wireless charging

Xiaomi Air 2 Pro review: earphones with ANC, fast and wireless charging

Xiaomi Air 2 Pro they are among the top-of-the-range headphones of a brand never satiated with products, whose goal is to try to satisfy the greatest number of users, bringing to the market high-quality models with an increasingly low and economical price.

The houses it has very generous dimensions, although it is made in an elegant opaque plastic black color (which does not get dirty easily, nor retains fingerprints), alternating with a midnight blue inserted on the inside. On the surface we find no physical buttons, except for the rear USB type-C port. The system of opening it is well made and reliable, the door did not cause creaks or sagging of any kind; the overall solidity of the product is truly excellent.

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The placement of the earphones is magnetic, snap securely to the case and are easily inserted. These are totally in-ear, without being too invasive, will not go deep into the ear canal. The lines are sinuous and elegant, their being high-end is noticeable; they are not designed for sport, but they hook very well to the auricle, demonstrating good stability even for a simple jog or brisk walk.

The control system relies completely on a ceramic touchscreen surface, the controls are precise and with an almost rapid response, we find all the standard combinations. The only negative note concerns the difficulty of understanding the right area to press, as often happens with solutions of this type, demonstrating once again their general discomfort. The possibility of missing raise / lower the volume.

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Audio quality, noise reduction and battery

Connectivity is guaranteed by the bluetooth 5.0with technology support LHDC (low latency and high definition audio codec), despite this we have noticed an important asynchrony between audio and video, both in watching videos on YouTube and in playing games. Definitely to be improved.

There active cancellation noise reduction applies hybrid digital (as happens on the Apple AirPods Pro), which lead to the possibility of bypassing the noises up to 35 dB, going to generate audio waves equal and opposite to those picked up. The quality is satisfactory overall, for a product of approx 100 euros; starting with a good one passive isolation, the system is able to perfectly cancel the noises, without loss of detail or distortions of any kind. Are present, if interested, the transparent modeor even the anti-wind modewhose goal is to filter wind noise (both can be activated directly from the headset).

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THE driver audio are from 12 millimeters for each headset, the maximum volume reachable is decidedly high, with not particularly distorted sound peaks. The yield leads overall to a clean audio and pleasant, the bass is present and powerful enough (within the technical limits of the Xiaomi Air 2 Pro), the highs they are not truncated or distorted. We can consider it to be of a higher range than the positioning price.

On the surface of the headphones are also present 3 microphones that manage them perfectly calls, generating a detailed voice (although not in high definition), and managing to perfectly reduce ambient noise. They are also recommended for users who want to use them to make long business calls.

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Autonomy relies on one battery from 55 mAh on the headphones, able to guarantee a use of approx 7/8 hours continuative with ANC active, to extend it to almost 30 hours overall, thanks to the charging cycles of the case from 500mAh. Fast charging is present, with 10 minutes you can use them for 90 minutesor the transition from 0 to 100% will happen in just 40 minutes (also supports wireless charging).

Xiaomi Air 2 Pro: conclusions

In conclusion Xiaomi Air 2 Pro are the headphones ideals for users who want to spend relatively little, and enjoy active noise cancellation, a good audio and the ability to manage calls perfectly. The negative notes are only a couple, they concern the control system and the presence of the official application only in Chinese.

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Xiaomi Air 2 Pro

155 euros


Aesthetics and design

8.0 / 10


8.0 / 10


8.0 / 10


8.0 / 10


8.0 / 10



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