Xbox streaming skewer restarts development

Xbox has confirmed that it follows developing a low-cost streaming skewer designed to bring Xbox Game Pass to the masses by removing the console from the equation, the most expensive component of the entire ecosystem, at least at the level of entering it. Nevertheless, It seems that the company has encountered a problem during its development.

It is unknown what the problem has been that has affected the company, but according to a Microsoft spokesperson, despite going ahead with the development of the product, it has had to discard the current concept on which they were working and start from scratch with its development.

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Initially it is mentioned that, as part of any technical undertaking, the effort put in by the team is always being valued, as well as making sure that a good device is provided to the user, but, on the other handhave decided to pivot in a different direction from the concept they were working on.

Be that as it may, the Keystone project has not been cancelled, so that users who cannot or do not want to acquire an Xbox can continue to wait to finally be able to play your favorite titles through an Xbox Games Pass subscription in the cloud.

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