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Xbox Project Scarlett announced by Microsoft at E3 in Los Angeles

Xbox Project Scarlett announced by Microsoft at E3 in Los Angeles

There new Xbox console will be launched at the end of next yearhe just announced Microsoft. The computer giant described the console, known as Project Scarlettas the “more powerful and performing“I’ve ever made. TO October a new one will also be launched streaming service, Project xCloud. Still little has been shown, but roughly the service would work allowing players to play the games from an Xbox One console to a mobile device.

THE details on the new Xbox they were provided during a event in Los Angeles, at the opening of the annual E3 video game convention. The price was not revealed but wanting to do a parallelism with Xbox One X, launched in November 2017 at the cost of 450 euroswe expect figures not too far apart from these.

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The new Xbox will be the starting point for the new generations of consoles

The head of Microsoft Xbox as well as executive vice president of video games, Phil Spencerclaimed that Project Scarlett And Project xCloud will be the “foundation of the future we have in mind for ours console and for our idea of cloud service“. “The new console will indeed four times more powerful of the current generation of One X, ”added Spencer,“ and it will be distributed along with a new game: Halo Infinite“.

Always atE3Microsoft unveiled preview other games, including Cyberpunk 2077scheduled for next April. The futuristic action game was discussed on the convention stage by his lead actor Keanu Reeves. Spencer stated in this regard: “With thousands of Xbox games under developmentwe have modeled ours event around our players, with new titles in preview on Xbox Game Pass on console And PC and it streamingwhich allows them to play their favorite games, with their friends, wherever they go“.