Xbox One vs PlayStation 4. Hardware, restrictions and exclusivities

The previous generation of consoles stood out for offering superior power to the computers available at the time, although inevitably, given the evolution of the hardware, the tables were reversed shortly after, it is true that having a closed system allows optimization light years away from any open computer. In this new generation, hardware with much lower power has been chosen if we compare it with what is available in the current PC market. We are going to compare the two new consoles based primarily on their internal components.

Both have a processor and graphics based on AMD APUs with HSA and Jaguar cores, customized to a greater or lesser extent in the case of Microsoft. In terms of graphic power, the solution integrated into the PS4 is greater, although it is true that Microsoft ensures that it will use online processing to increase the power of the console (supposedly there will be three virtual consoles available for each Xbox One, and it will increase as that the company’s servers are expanded.), so it is impossible to measure the real power, however, based on offline consoles, the PS4 would have a greater calculation power in the GPU, thanks in large part to the inclusion of a more powerful chip with more cores and the use of 8GB of GDDR5 memory, faster but with higher latencies.

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The Xbox One includes 8 GB of DDR3 memory, a type of memory with less performance for games, but which should perform better in “desktop” and multimedia environments, it also includes 32 MB of eSRAM memory That would greatly increase the available bandwidth.

Another aspect to consider is the motion sensor, in this generation we have the microsoft Kinect and the Sony PS4 Eye, in terms of hardware, the microsoft device has a higher resolution and much of the user interface is based on this device, so it is included in the price along with the console.

A very important aspect will be the restrictions, in this aspect there is no doubt that the Sony alternative will be much better positioned, since it will not have restrictions when it comes to reusing second-hand games, it will not have regional blocks and it will not require an internet connection .

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The Xbox One on the other hand, yes it will have regional restriction, It will also have a license management system that will force the ownership of each game to be transferred to the console that uses it. The system will be managed from the game distributors, and it is rumored that you may have to pay for that transfer, although Microsoft itself will not charge for it.

The issue of internet connection, both will have a payment service for online gaming, Xbox Live Gold for Microsoft and PlayStation Plus for Sony. However, hea Xbox One requires an internet connection every 24 hours, Something that, although it should not be a problem given the implementation of Internet connections in most homes, can be a nuisance in places where there is no network connection. This connection will only be necessary for games and not for multimedia use of the console.

The PlayStation 4 does not require a connection of any kind to play offline.

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UPDATE: After the criticism received, Microsoft has withdrawn all kinds of regional restrictions, Internet connection or second-hand games and loans.

Finally, before talking about the price, one of the most important aspects when purchasing a console is that of the exclusive titles offered, Being very similar consoles internally, multiplatform games should not undergo many changes between one version or another (and even in its PC version), however, in the matter of exclusive titles, the balance at the moment clearly leans towards the Microsoft console. For her we have franchises and titles like Ryse: Son of Rome, TitanFall, Forza Motosport 5, Killer Instinct, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive Halo franchise, Quantum Break, Dead Rising 4, Crimson Dragon among others.

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The Sony console is currently left with Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFamous, DriveClub, The Order 1886, Dinal Fantasy or Kindom Hearts 3.

Coming to the price, the Sony console is cheaper, 100 Euros less in the basic pack (€399 for the PS4 and €499 for the Xbox One, although this does not include the motion sensor that will cost 50 euros, so the difference in the end it reduces to €50 between one and the other.