Xbox Game Pass will add 5 new games very soon

Subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass will soon have access to five more games when “DOOM Eternal” and more subscription early next month.

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Starting October 1, the Xbox Game Pass will include “DOOM Eternal” AND “Drake Hollow” on different platforms. A few days later “Brütal Legend”, “Forza Motorsport 7” my “Ikenfell” will be released in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

“DOOM Eternal” is undoubtedly the star of the first Xbox Game Pass additions next month, but it is also something that we knew would be coming to the subscription service. Shortly after it was announced that Microsoft would acquire Bethesda, it was confirmed that said game would arrive on Game Pass on October 1.

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“DOOM Eternal” won’t be the only one coming soon to Xbox Game Pass. You can find the full list of the following five additions below:

  • Doom Eternal (Android and console) – October 1
  • Drake Hollow (PC) ID @Xbox – October 1
  • Brütal Legend (Console) – October 8
  • Forza Motorsport 7 (Android, console and PC) – October 8
  • Ikenfell ID (Console & PC) @ Xbox – October 8

New Xbox Game Pass games will start arriving October 1 and are most likely to be announced later this month.

Xbox Game Pass will add 5 new games very soon

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